Micha Fire's Website


Welcome to my site.

I have enjoyed working in the different arts all my life, so I now want to use this site to share some of my works.
My spectrum is big...
In the writing arts I do poems, short stories and even novels; both in English and German.
In the drawing and sculpturing arts I like to try out new materials and technique. My main working field is with coloured pencil and writing paper though, as this is always at hand.
I will add entries in the news section when I start and finish different projects. So, please, be sure to check out the news from time to time; thank you.
Handicrafts like knitting and crocheting were my favorite pastime from 2014 onwards. You can see some of the finished projects in Handicraft.

Enjoy your visit. ^^

You can also follow me on my blog: food for thought and other things



My fifth book is ready for sharing it as print version and PDF.
It's a collection of short stories and poetry I have written over five years.

The title is Moments in Time.



From time to time I work on new techniques.

This rose was inspired by a photo.
Done in acrylic as if using colored pencil:

At the moment I'm working on two small paintings with a female and a male red bird.
This moment is lasting over a year, but will get done eventually. ;)

And I am doing quite a lot of handicrafts since I paused writing/being published in anthologies. Some are already shown here; the rest will get added soon.