Christmas Bazaar, December 2008


First Christmas Bazaar on December 13th, 2008.

This was the first event we did for the public after we founded the art club. We had no experience at all in organizing such an event. A few of us had participated in similar events and we all had visited bazaars as customers ourselves. This we took as a basis to start with.
Our main purpose was to be able to introduce us as the new art club in our village, exhibit all the different kind of arts we do and sell a few of those works.
Some of us also had prepared things especially for this day for selling, like Christmas decoration and cards. As we’re not so many persons in the club yet, we had help from friends and family members too.
We offered, as is usual on Christmas markets in our region, some fried sausages (“Bratwürste”), Christmas sweets like “Lebkuchen” and “Stollen” and other cakes, next to the obligatory “Punsch” (a non-alcoholic version was available as well), cold drinks and coffee.
My husband also made chocolate to pass around – a type of chocolate he knew from his own childhood times. They are called “Schneeplätzchen” (= snow cookies), as snow is used to cool the molten chocolate mix down to harden in little forms. People loved this as it reminded many of their own childhood.
The weather was just right with being not too cold and a little snow left from the days before. For me it was very interesting to see how the people respond to my drawings, seeing them in real, true colour and size.
I also had printed out some poems fitting the season and although they were only in English, those that read them found them very interesting, even inspiring. One person even wanted to buy two of them and this caught me off-guard, as I had not imagined this. It sure is difficult to set a price, so I asked her to pay me what she thinks they are worth (and it was more than I had ever expected).
Now, after all this positive resonance, I was even more eager to present my works to the public.

Below a few impressions of the exhibition and market:

wall with drawings
An impression of the space
I could use to show my works.

snow cookies
snow cookies

An impression of the bazaar
outside with visitors.