Spring Bazaar, March 2009


First Spring Bazaar, March 21st 2009.

This bazaar was similar to the Christmas bazaar, same time of day and week, same place and same persons taking part as sellers and showing their art.
Different was that we offered warm eggnug punsh this time and we had an additinonal room to present our works.
Again some of us had prepared little things just to sell at the market – now with “Spring” as theme.

In the weeks before the market, I had worked hard to get my first book into print and also translated it all to have it in a German version as well.
The copies I had ordered didn’t come in time for the market. I only had one preview example of the English version, so I showed at least that. However, books written in English are not so much of interest to the average German.

Taking so much time for my books, I had nothing else to offer. However, I could show some other drawings than last time.
Some of the ones I had made as teenager I showed too. There isn’t much difference in the themes, the style and tecnique have changed though. (Soon some of those will be added too to the galleries.)

Remebering that day, I can say it was long and tiring, with lots of people coming to look and not so many to really buy things.

Unfortunately, I didn’t have access to a photocamera that day. Some pictures were taken, but are not availible to me so far. Whenever I get some, I’ll add them.