Gallery of Photos


Here are some photos I have recently made. They are paper copies scanned later to have them on the computer as well.

moon eclipse
Eclipse of the moon;
August 2008

black salamander
Black Salamander;
September 2008

ice cave
Ice Cave;
September 2008

Autumn Trees;
October 2008

Self-made Chocolate;
December 2008

Exhibiton December
First Exhibiton;
December 2008

Gallery of Digital Photos


Here are some digital photos I have made when I started out with my first digital camera.

For more of my digital photos please check out my links page.

overnight winter is back;
March 2010

Spring is here;
April 2010

beneath the surface;
May 2010

Sunday Sunset
Sunset on Sunay
with tiny moon
in left corner
6th February 2011

Sunset Dubai
Sunset through glass
in Dubai

30th October 2011

Dubai Sunset
Sunset over Ocean
from balcony
with different camera
30th October 2011

Pink Sun
Pink Sun
setting on
13th November 2011