HDWPbooks stories


I have started a new way of writing. As co-author for Theme-Thology.
In March 2013, there was a call for authors interested in submitting yet unpublished stories for an anthology.
As I have not yet done that kind of writing, it aroused my interest, and I signed up for being a part of this new project.
Since then, we have worked as a team on advising each other on how to make the story of each even better.
The first anthology is within the theme of Invasion.
The second one is themed The Day I Died.
The third was searching for New Myths.
The fourth anthology looks at the Real World Unreal perspective.
I have signed up for a few more. I hope we get enough authors (and time) to publish these soon.
And the work, writing and advising (and also the marketing of these books)
is fun with the team of authors, that changes with each editon of Theme-Thology.
Besides getting them as Kindle (Amazon), Kobo or Nook (Barnes & Noble) version,
you can get them also on the HDWPbooks site here:
HDWP books .


General Information:
Publisher: HDWPbooks
Publication date: 2013-09-25
Binding: Kindle, Kobo, Nook
Pages: 252
Authors: Lisa A. Kramer; Michael G. Williams; Michelle Mogil;
Micha Fire; Aaron Crocco; Charles Barouch;
Mike Reeves-McMillan; Jeremy Lichtman; Jefferson Smith;
LJ Cohen; Timothy Hurley; Jeremiah Lewis;
R. A. Desilets; Bill Ries-Knight; CM Stewart
Artists: Juan Ochoa; Aaron Wood

Watch the skies. Watch the least creatures beneath your feet. Watch the border.
Theme-Thology: Invasion is a tasting menu with fifteen flavors of fear.
My story in this: Red Vapor

Day I Died

General Information:
Publisher: HDWPbooks
Publication date: 2014-01-08
Binding: Kindle, Kobo, Nook
Pages: 148
Authors: Michelle Mogil; CM Stewart; Micha Fire;
Lore Hera; Veronica Stephens; LJ Cohen;
Charles Barouch; Bill Ries-Knight; David Grigg;
Lisa Kramer; Amanda Rachelle Warren (poetry)
Artist: Aaron Wood; Charles Barouch

What if medical science got too good at saving your life?
What if you were assured of reincarnation but you had to spend every life with a crazy person?
What if your lucky number was trying to kill you? What if we take a different view?
We have ten characters in here that are dying to meet you.
There is unique poetry for each story by Amanda Rachelle Warren.
My story in this: Isa's Path

New Myths

General Information:
Publisher: HDWPbooks
Publication date: 2014-03-24
Binding: Kindle, Kobo, Nook
Pages: 170
Authors: Ryan Toxopeus; Micha Fire; CM Stewart;
Alesha Escobar; Martin Spernau; Charles Barouch;
Michelle Mogil; Mike Reeves-McMillan; Ezekiel David;
Susan Joslyn
Artist: Aaron Wood

Meet a wayward son who returns a Rainmaker.
Find out what happens when a fourth grader uses a computer to find the secret of reality.
Sit with Grandfather while he tells you about the Light... and the Dark.
Ten original myths by ten amazing authors.
My story in this: Light and Dark

Real World Unreal

General Information:
Publisher: HDWPbooks
Publication date: 2014-07-14
Binding: Kindle, Kobo, Nook
Pages: 274
Authors: AmyBeth Inverness; Ian Harac; Jon Frater;
CM Stewart; Micha Fire; Amanda Rachelle Warren;
charles Barouch; Lore Hera; Lisa Kramer;
David Grigg; Susan Joslyn; Michelle Mogil;
Mike Reeves-McMillan
Artists: Aaron wood; Zhu Zhu; Chrysoula Artemis

13 Stories which expose the unreal parts of your supposedly real world.
Meet the other Queen of England.
Mourn the boy who didn't die.
Find out how foreign another country can be.
My story in this: Fiona's Game