Literature - Forgotten!?, the Book


forgotten cover

"Grandma, why do you keep calling me "My little Sunshine"?"
"Because you ARE my little sun shining on me, Ann! Let me tell you a little story. Maybe, you will then understand it better."
And Grandmother started:
Once upon a time, very long ago, in a non-physical place, a group of beings lived all happily together. Like one big family.
One day Great Being, that was like a parent to them, had a new task to be done.
A young being, with female energy, eagerly applied for this task and was sent along with the addition to wait outside their group on returning until it would be called back in.
She had to wait such a long time, she thought, she had been forgotten by all of them.
In the end she realised that this was not so - it was she that had forgotten.
"Grandma, thank you for this story. Now, I understand why you call me your little sun.And you are MY sun!"

This is my fourth finished and published book (70 pages) in English, (not counting the "poetry" booklet)
and can be obtained directly through me.
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For all those that rather have the book as a PDF document:
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