As I lie down to rest
The world is slowly dying
But I feel protected
Your light shines on me
And in my dreams
I can see a new world rising
Out of the mists of the night

I can sleep safely
Knowing I’m protected
As I believe in the light
And I know it is all around me
Guiding me in a dying world
Helping me rise to a new life
A new morning in a new world

I lie down praying that
This light keeps shining on me
Protecting me and my dreams
And will help me rise
Anew in the new world
I see coming in the morning
And all that I love is still with me

Nothing can harm me
As I’m being protected
By the light around and within me
It shines on and on to the new world
Leading those that can see
Promising to protect them all
For a new start in the new light

Micha Fire; November 2007