Literature - Unexpected Encounter, the Book


Unexpected Encounter Cover
Unexpected Encounter

When the unexpected happens,
you have only a few things
you can choose to do:

Turn and run away from it.

Stand where you are,
at what is happening to you.

Embrace the event
with open arms and
a smile.

What will you do
when something unexpected
happens to you?

The action in general:
A young person, away from everyone for a weekend alone in the forest,
suddenly meets another person, having just crashed with a spaceship right into that same forest.

This encounter was unexpected.

What will happen now?

What would you have done in their place?

The first chapter of this book can be read at Unexpected Encounter in the Short Stories and Essays section of Literature.
This is my third finished and published book (532 pages), and can be obtained directly through me.
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