This is only the first part.


"Grandma, why do you keep calling me "my little sunshine"? I have a name, you know", Ann required. She pretended to be upset that her grandmother never called her by her name.
Nonetheless, she loved her Grandmother dearly. She was so kind and gentle with her no matter how wild she behaved and how rough her tone sometimes was. So different from her mother or father.
She loved to stay with her for a weekend when her parents had to be away for work. Those days were filled with laughter and discovering new things; things she didn't get to know from home or at school.
And her grandmother was a pool of stories. Not only told when it was time for her to go to bed and sleep. Grandmother would tell them any time.
Ann enjoyed listening to them and her grandmother's gentle voice when telling them. Some were only short and some of them she would tell lasting all weekend to finish. Those, Ann loved the best. They were the ones that gave her time to think about what her grandmother had told her. And also because of the way her grandmother told those longer stories - like she would have told to them adults. Ann felt so grown-up then.
Grandmother smiled: "Because you ARE my little sun shining on me, Ann!" and hugged her.
Ann beamed a big smile for her grandmother to have used her name now. "I don't understand why I am your sun. But I like the way it makes me feel when you call me that. When my parents call me I never get that warm, fuzzy feeling."
"Let me tell you a little story. Maybe, you will then understand it better." Grandmother nodded to herself. "This will be one of those stories that last all weekend, so we might as well do our usual things while I tell it. And as you already know from my other stories you don't need to ask any questions in between as by the end all those will have been answered."
Ann smiled at her and nodded expectantly. And so Ann's grandmother told the story:


Once upon a time, very long ago, in a non-physical place, a group of beings lived all happily together. Like one big family.
Each being in this group was an individual and at the same time part of the whole. They could distinguish between themselves by displaying male, female and many other aspects as well. Each had their own energy and ability. Some of these aspects and abilities were basic in all and some were more prominent on single beings. All of this made each of them unique, an individual. And at the same time they were all like just one being, like the cells in a body. None superior or inferior to the other, all equally important for the whole group in their own unique way. And like the cells in a body they were all connected to each other. They all shared everything with each other. And so they knew each other well and thus there was no need for names to label them as individuals.
Still, one of them they called the "Great Being". All respected and honoured Great Being and came to it to ask for advice and help and comfort as it was the oldest of them all and had seen and heard and experienced so much already. To them, Great Being was like a father or a mother, although it was neither male nor female. It had both aspects equally balanced, as well as all other aspects that made it complete. Great Being was pure love to all of them and thus all eagerly did what it liked them to do and what was needed to be done for all of them; just like children do to please their parents.
And Great Being was so pleased by their eagerness to do things for it, that it send them out to do tasks for it. Little tasks, big tasks, short tasks, long tasks, easy tasks, difficult tasks - anything they could do to please Great Being and further their own knowledge and wisdom and experiences. One day, they said to themselves, they would be like Great Being too. This was their secret dream.
Sometimes they would even ask for an extra task to do. And when they were assigned a task, no matter if normal or extra, they went out with joy in their hearts, knowing it would bring them closer to the fulfilment of their secret dream.
After the task was done, they would come back and report about their task and how they had done it. None of them was being judged by the others. They all were glad whenever one of them returned to report anything at all. And if it was wished by the one that had returned, they would give their opinion and advise on how they would have done the task. So it could learn.
Finally, Great Being would just take up this returned being and welcome it and gave love to it for simply being what it was.

(Part One)

One day Great Being had a new task to be done. It knew the task would not be easy. Great Being would be able to do this sort of task. However, even Great Being would need help to complete the task. So, it offered this new task not only to one or a few, but to all of them.
At first, there were many that volunteered. After finding out the details of the task, the dangers and difficulties it contained, many of these volunteers drew back again. They knew, they were not experienced enough. Sure, they could gain a lot of experience through participating in this task. However, they also knew that this time it was a task more dangerous than any of them ever had done before. A task they might not return from.
In the end, only a small group was left over. They thought of themselves to be strong and experienced enough to be able to do what Great Being had asked them to.
One of them was a rather young being with strong female aspects and also male aspects. She was daring and had done many tasks already. None of those had been as difficult or as dangerous though as this one would be.
A few of the older and more experienced beings inquired about her motives with serious words of warning. Not to scare her off. No. Only to make sure that she knew exactly what kind of task she was offering to help with. They would take along anyone they felt that understood what this task was about and was strong enough to help all of them in it.
Once they were sure, they stepped up as a group to Great Being to apply for the task together. Great Being was pleased about each one of them for offering. As it meant them no harm, it too checked if each one of them was offering out of its own free will and not only because it wanted to impress it, or others, with participating in this. And to see if the being offering to help knew for what it was offering. For this, Great Being took each one of them aside, alone. The others knew, that whatever Great Being had to discuss with this one being was not meant for them.
So, they withdrew their connection to Great Being, and the being with it, for the time it took. The talk itself was not only done with words. It included thoughts, feelings and images all at once. This was a more complete way of communicating everything than the simple use of words. First, Great Being told the single being the complete task. Then they decided together which part of the task the being would take into its responsibility.
Some parts of the task, though, would have to be done by more than one being. Great Being called the beings assigned to those parts together as a group after it had talked with each one of them once more. This way, they all knew that they were expected to do their part individually and together as a group the same time. When it was the young being's turn to be called aside, she eagerly came over to Great Being, hardly unable to contain her excitement to be part of this task.
Great Being smiled at this eagerness. Nonetheless, it talked to this young one with serious words of warning just like the other beings had done before. Then it told her the task and the part it wanted her to do.
The young one was a little upset about the task assigned to her. She thought it to be too easy for her to be a challenge and ragingly spoke up, sending all her emotion towards Great Being together with the words: "Why do I only get such an easy thing to do? I can do my full share of the task like any other. It doesn't matter how old I am, does it? Or if I have succeeded in similar tasks? I have done so many tasks already and many of them very well too. Why do you think that I can't do this without endangering myself more than all the others that take part in this?"
Before the young being could continue in this way, Great Being took her up in it's strong and loving energy and comforted her, responding in a similar way with words: "I'm not telling you that you are not capable or freely willing to do this or are inferior to the others. I'm only telling you the dangers once more because I'm so fond of you and pleased by your eagerness. I do not want you to be hurt in any way. I do not want any of you to be hurt by doing this task, or a part of it, for me. I wish, I could do it all by myself. So, I give you a part of the task that I'm very sure of that you can do. And when you have done your part, you come back and tell us about it. You want to proof you can do more difficult tasks too? Well then, I would like you to wait outside our circle of energy until I, or one of us, calls you back into our midst. Is that a fair additional task for you?"
The young being now beamed a big smile: "Yes, I can do that. I have been outside of our circle of energy before. I'm not scared of this. I will proof to you, I can do a task as easy as this waiting! Any one can wait. That is baby stuff!"
Great Being nearly laughed out loud at this, for it knew how hard it could be having to wait for an event to take place. Especially, when you were full of pride about something you had achieved and wanted to share it with the ones you knew so well. Oh, yes. Baby stuff alright. However, for babies waiting could be the hardest thing to do. Being able to wait had a lot to do with having patience. And to learn that was not as easy as it sounded. Seeing the eagerness of this young one to please it and to fulfil the tasks given to it, Great Being knew, it would be a hard and important lesson to learn. However, it would not tell about this hidden lesson to the young being. Smiling, it gave the young being one more strong impulse of its love.
She basked in this short strong love feeling, taking it deep into her being to remember when she was away to accomplish her task. Through this she felt even more closely connected to Great Being and to all of them. Then Great Being sent her away, back to the others, to prepare for the tasks each had been assigned. She left with a big smile, eager to get started on what she felt was an adventure.